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Our Pastor

The Rev. Margaret Brack became the Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in November 2022.

Margaret has a wealth of faith and experience in church ministry. She grew up Roman Catholic and has served in church ministry for forty years in Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches. Margaret’s ministry in Lutheran churches began as a musician in Maryland and continued over the years in North Dakota. In 2009, she converted to the Episcopal Church, the faith of her husband, Jim. Margaret received her Master of Divinity from Nashotah House Seminary and was ordained an Episcopal priest. After she was ordained, she served as a Pastor at a Lutheran congregation in Pennsylvania. Margaret also holds a graduate degree in music and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Ministry at the Pacific School of Religion. She has a particular passion for collaborative worship, Creation Care, outreach, labyrinths, and teaching others to value the rights of everyone and to know that we are all God’s children and loved, regardless of society's labels and divisions!

Margaret and Jim have been married for 35 years and have four children and one grandchild.


How Does an Episcopal Priest Be a Lutheran Pastor As Well?

Full communion is when two denominations develop a
relationship based on a common confessing of the Christian faith
and a mutual recognition of Baptism and sharing of the Lord’s
Supper. This does not mean the two denominations merge; rather,
in reaching agreements, denominations also respect differences.

These denominations worship together, may exchange clergy and
also share a commitment to evangelism, witness and service in the
world. Each entity agrees that even with differences, there is
nothing that is church-dividing.


guest speakers

Bringing in other voices

We welcome guest speakers from the community to inform us of needs in our community. We have heard from the President of PFLAG; leaders from other churches.